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CATTLE HEALTH SCHEME.  Exhibitors must indicate the status of their animals on the entry form and any changes in status must be notified to the Secretary immediately.

I.B.R. Monitored Negative and Leptospira Hardjo Elite animals will be accommodated in separate sections of the cattle lines, as required by the regulations. Exhibitors are reminded that animals arriving home from the Show will be subject to the conditions of the I.B.R. and Leptospirosis-added animals procedures.

Bio-Security: All exhibitors must comply fully with bio-security measures as required by DEFRA


2. Cattle Passports. Each animal that arrives at the showground must have the following documentation:

A4 Passport (CPP52) or cheque book style passport (CPP13), or Certificate of Registration (CHR3) or Certificate of Registration and/or Green Passport (CPP1)

The Society will be reporting the movements on and off the showground directly to BCMS via CTS online. Please ensure there is sufficient space in the passport for a showground barcode to be placed and the dates of the movement on and off the showground to be recorded. 

Before bringing the animal to the show, the keeper must report the off movement to BCMS and complete the Movement Summary section of the passport. When the animal returns from the show, the keeper must report the movement back on to the farm to BCMS and complete the passport.  Failure to bring the relevant certificate(s) to the Show will debar the cattle from entry to the Showground. Bar code labels for passports will be sent with exhibitors’ numbers.  THE SOCIETY’S DEFRA HOLDING NUMBER IS 22/015/8000.

3. Lactation Certificates, AS APPROPRIATE FOR SPECIAL PRIZES AND THE PRODUCTION CLASSES, MUST ALSO ACCOMPANY ENTRY FORMS. Animals which calve or show evidence of calving whilst at the Show, or which have any signs of abnormal discharge, will be placed into isolation and returned home as soon as practicable. If calving takes place or abnormal discharge occurs before the time of judging, such animals will not be allowed to compete. Where an animal calves prematurely or aborts, the Society’s Veterinary Officer must be informed immediately, and the State Veterinary Service informed on arrival home. The animal must be returned home TOGETHER WITH ALL OTHER SHOW ANIMALS FROM THE SAME REGISTERED PREMISES after a full range of samples (including if at all possible a placental smear) has been taken. The subject animal must be isolated during transit.

4. Anti Tampering. The Society reserves the right to Blood Test animals.  Offending animals will be disqualified. Any artificial contrivance or device of any description found on or proved to have been used on an animal at any time whilst that animal is on the Showground, either for preventing the flow of milk or for any other improper purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize and any prize awarded prior to discovery will be forfeited.  The Instigator or Owner of the said animal may be prohibited from again entering Stock for any of the Society's Shows, for such period as the Committee may see fit.  For the purpose of this Regulation, the term 'improper practice' shall be held to include setting of teats and generally any other practice including tampering or of their own or any other animal by the exhibitor or any other person which results in the animals being shown other than in a natural state and the Society reserves the right to have all animals inspected by the Society's Veterinary Officers, either prior to, during, or after judging.

The Society will not tolerate the administration to show exhibits (entering either for competition or sale/demonstration) of tranquillizers or other drugs which may in any way affect the performance of the animal in question to have the effect of making it behave in the show ring in a manner which is not natural.  The Society reserves the right to take any necessary samples.  Any Person or Exhibitor (or his representative) who is found to have administered or permitted the administration of any such tranquillizer or drugs to any Show exhibit will be reported to the Organizing Committee and dealt with at their discretion.  In addition the matter will be referred to the appropriate Breed Society or Organization.

Any Exhibitor wishing to lodge an objection, having reference to Livestock exhibited at this Show, must make the same in accordance with the objection requirements of the Society.  If, on investigation, the objection is not sustained to the satisfaction of the Committee, the sum thus deposited shall, at the discretion of the Committee, be forfeited to the funds of the Society.  All objections must be lodged on the same day as the alleged incident occurred in accordance with the objection regulations, and no objection will be SUBSEQUENTLY received, unless a reason, satisfactory to the Committee be assigned for the delay.

5. Ear Numbers. It is a requirement of DEFRA that ear numbers are stated at the time of entry, are printed in the Show catalogue and are checked on the Showground. Therefore, ear numbers must be stated on the entry form for all cattle entered. Information in accordance with the rules of the appropriate Breed Society must be included on each entry form. Stewards will check the identity of every animal at the Show and therefore, where appropriate, certificates must be brought to the Show with the cattle.

6. Definition of Exhibitor Bred. An animal is defined as “Exhibitor Bred” if it is born in the UK or Republic of Ireland and carries the exhibitor’s prefix and the exhibitor was the sole registered owner of the dam at the time of birth and registration. An animal born as a result of embryo transplant is deemed “Exhibitor Bred” if at the time of embryo collection the donor female was in sole ownership of the exhibitor.

7. Group Classes.  All entries in Group Classes must be entered on the entry form with all other entries.

8. Beef Section Cancellation. In the event of there being insufficient entries in any of the beef breed sections, the Society reserves the right to cancel these sections but exhibitors will be invited to compete in one of the mixed breed sections. Unless a breed section is cancelled, entries in that breed section cannot compete in either of the OTHER BEEF BREED SECTIONS.

9. Bull Handling. All bulls one-year-old and over must have rings in their noses and the attention of exhibitors is drawn to the Notes of Guidance on Bull-Handling issued by the Health and Safety Executive.

10. Milking Facilities. These have been very kindly provided by R T Dairy Services, 17 Pate Road, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE13 0RG.

11. Showing Regulations. The attention of exhibitors is particularly drawn to the Showing Regulations In the beginning of this schedule.

12. Grand Parade. First and second prize winners MUST appear in the Grand Parade in the Main Ring at 3.00pm. Other prize winners may do so if they wish.



Judging Times: 9am for all sections.

Holstein, Jersey, Dexter, Hereford, Highland, Longhorn, Limousin, British Blonde, Charolais, Simmental, AONBB, AOCBB, Commercial Beef Cattle, Show Potential Calf, Young Handlers




1. Exhibitor - You will need to provide the Ashby de la Zouch & District Agricultural Society with certain personal information relating to you. Your privacy is extremely important to us and so we want you to know exactly how we will use that personal information. Our full privacy notice setting out detailed information about matters such as personal information we use, for what purpose we use it, what our legal basis for doing so is and who we share it with can be viewed on our website  The booking of your class entry to this show will show you agree to this notice.

2. Ownership - All classes in this schedule are open to exhibitors residing in any part of the United Kingdom. Exhibits in all classes must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor and must be in their ownership at the date of the Show. The exhibitor’s name(s) on the Show entry form must be the same as on the animal registration certificate. In the event of the death of an exhibitor between the date of entry and the date of the Show, the executors of the deceased will be deemed to be the exhibitor.

3. Entries - All entries should be made on-line and must be received by the Secretary no later than the closing date for entries. Late entries may not be accepted. The entry fee for any animal entered but not exhibited will be forfeited.  All livestock exhibitors should ensure they have adequate Public Liability Insurance cover.

4. Nominations of Entries - The name of the exhibit and all relevant details must be stated on the entry booking form.  No substitution of entries will be allowed after the closing date for entries.

5. Cancellation of Classes - The Society reserves the right to amalgamate or cancel classes or sections in the event of there being insufficient entries. Entry fees for classes cancelled by the Society will be refunded.

6. Admission - Due to TB Regulations (24hrs) NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED ON THE SHOWGROUND BEFORE 17.00 hrs, SATURDAY, 9th JULY AND MUST HAVE LEFT BY 17.00 hrs on SUNDAY, 10th JULY. 

Admission to the Show will be by Vehicle Pass, colour coded for the appropriate entrance and fixed to the windscreen in a prominent position.  The number of admission tickets sent to exhibitors will vary depending on the number of animals exhibited. 

Tickets for livestock and horse competitors will be allocated as follows:-

  • 1 - 3 animals - 2 tickets
  • 4 animals and over - 3 tickets

Extra persons will be expected to pay for admission and Stewards may inspect vehicles. All exhibitors should be on the Showground at least half an hour before the stated judging time for their respective classes.  All cattle exhibits should arrive no later than 9am (or as stated) and exhibitors are recommended to arrive earlier to avoid traffic congestion at the entrance gates.


7. Veterinary - The Society's Veterinary Surgeons are authorised to refuse permission for any animals to be admitted to the Showground suspected of being infected with a contagious or infectious disease or with a disease or injury which, in their opinion renders it unfit or unsafe to be exhibited. Such an animal will not be allowed to compete. The exhibitor will be held entirely responsible by the Society for any circumstances which may result from the appearance of such an animal on the Showground. The Society reserves the right to take blood samples from any animal which the Judge and/or Stewards suspect may have been dosed with illegal substances. A horse ambulance will be in attendance.

8. Identification - Exhibits shall be identified in the Judging Rings solely by the numbers issued by the Secretary, corresponding to the catalogue entry for the exhibit. Rosettes, awarded in a previous class, must not be worn in the Judging Ring for a group or production class. In the Grand Parade, both numbers and rosettes should be worn. 

9. Judging - The Society reserves the right to appoint a substitute should any judge be prevented from attending the Show and all entries are accepted on this understanding. Times of judging, as stated in this Schedule, will be adhered to as strictly as possible but are subject to alteration. Exhibitors must be ready to enter the ring at once when called upon by the Stewards. The Judges and Stewards have discretion to withhold or vary the first and any other prizes should the quality of entry or entries not merit such a prize.

10. Age - The date of birth should be stated on the entry form when requested. All winners of children's classes will be expected to produce birth certificates, if necessary.

11. Safety - All animals must be secured by halter or other means, except as required at the time of judging. Unruly and fractious animals may be refused admission to the judging rings by the Stewards. The attention of all exhibitors is drawn to the Society's Policy, a copy of which may be seen at the Secretary's marquee.

12. Conduct - The Council may at any time, before or during the Show, reject any entry, whether the same has been accepted or not, without giving reasons and their decision shall be final. The Council also has the power to eject from the Showground any cheap-jacks, hawkers, commercial photographers, or persons whose behaviour they consider to be objectionable. All dogs on the Showground must be kept on leads at all times, except when being exhibited.

13. Dress - Exibitors and attendants must wear correct dress, as approved by the governing body under whose rules they are exhibiting.

14. Objections - Any exhibitor wishing to lodge an objection must do so in writing and must deliver it to the Secretary within an hour of the Judge's decision being given. Such objections must be accompanied by a deposit of £20 and will be considered by the Council and their decision is final. The deposit will be returned if the objection is sustained. Any complaints should be passed to the Chief Cattle Steward to deal with.

15. Prize Money - Following the judge's decision in each class and special awards, winning exhibitors will be handed vouchers for their prize money. First and second prize winners are asked to appear in the Grand Parade in the Main Ring. Third and fourth prize winners may join the Grand Parade if they wish. Prize money will be paid in cash at the Treasurer's Cabin, on presentation of prize money vouchers, following the Parade, except where an objection has been lodged but not yet resolved. Please note that all prize money not collected on the day will be forfeited.

16. Trophies - All trophies will be available for collection at the Secretary's marquee after the Grand Parade. They will be held by the winner for one year but will remain the property of the Society and must be returned as directed by the Secretary.

17. Departure - All animals are to remain on the Showground and must not be loaded until after the Grand Parade. 

18. Responsibility - The Society, its Officers and Staff, disclaim any responsibility and all liability in respect of any accident, damage, injury, disease or loss, howsoever caused, that may occur to any exhibitor or his servant, or the general public, or to any animal, article, vehicle or property brought on to the Showground, or while entering or leaving the Showground. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that maybe done to, or occasioned by or arising from any animal, article, vehicle or property, exhibited or brought on to the Showground by him. He shall indemnify and hold harmless the Society from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of, or in respect of any such damage or injury which may be caused or occasioned. 

19. Other Regulations - Any person, competing or exhibiting an animal in a class covered by a breed society, shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of that breed society and be subject to its constitution and rules (including any disciplinary procedures) insofar as they are applicable to the Show. This Schedule is issued subject to the orders (if any) of DEFRA and local authorities, which may be applicable at the date of the Show.

20. Interpretation - Anything not provided for in the foregoing shall be decided by the Society's Council, whose decision shall be final and binding. On the day of the Show, the Chairman shall have all the powers of the Council under these regulations.

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